Alexa (amazon echo) vs Google Home – Full Infographic


There are many Smart Assistant available in the market. But Amazon Echo and Google home are most likable smart assistance for home/business.


Both Amazon Echo (Alexa) and Google home are great, but when it comes to understanding a natural way, google assistant makes a lot of different than Alexa.

Also, Amazon Echo (Alexa) is great for those who have an amazon prime subscription. Amazon is doing some great work to improve Alexa. with a few years, it will be much better than never before.

Here is a Full Infographic Comparison.

It includes: Intelligence, Appearance & Cost, Why … better than …?, Best Feature, Conclusion.

alexa vs google home

Google Home

Since 2016, Google Assistance is doing amazing work and providing relevant information as a voice assistant.

InNutshell Google Home uses Google’s search and voice-control expertise, plus the ability to tie into your various Google accounts, so you can check your Google calendar for the day, manage reminders in Google Keep, and report traffic conditions on your commute harnessing Google Maps data.

Alexa (Amazon EcoDot)

If you want to buy a Voice Assistant to control your home device then Alexa is the best one in comparison to Google Home. And also a frequent user of Amazon Prime, Amazon’s Alexa platform is the best option.

Alexa platform includes a growing list (more than 100,000 as of this writing) of Skills-akin to apps on a smartphone that unlock capabilities such as reading recipes, ordering pizza, or calling an Uber. Not all of its Skills are useful, but Alexa still does far more than Google Assistant. 

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So here was a quick comparison between Alexa (amazon echo) vs Google Home with Full Infographic. In the end, it depends on the user’s preference.

Infographic is created with the help of PIKTOCHART.



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