Youtube is a goldmine to make money with daily One billion watched hours, where almost 5 billion peoples are using youtube from 91 countries in 80 different languages.

After the world’s top search engine Google, Youtube is making difference and lifting up position on World’s 2nd largest Search engine.

If you want to make money by youtube then read this full guide to the end.

Youtube is like opensource where content creators are making lots of money by doing lots of hard work.

In order to grow successfully on youtube, you need a proper strategy to start with.

To motivate you and to show you how much money you can earn from a youtube channel? here are a few examples of it.

Top 5 YouTubers With Their Earings

Here are the world’s top 5 highest paid YouTubers

1. Ryan ToysReview

Ryan ToysReview - Youtube

Subscribers: 22 million+
Income: $22 Million

Ryan 7-year-old host, His parents began documenting his toy reviews in March 2015.

It was reported Ryan made $11 million from his YouTube channel, coming in at number 8 on Forbes’ 2017 list, but the toy critic is moving on up.

His YouTube channel has attracted a huge following of parents and children who watch Ryan test out new toys and share his thoughts on them.

2. Jake Paul

Jake Paul - Youtube

Subscribers: 16.5 million+
Income: $18 Million

Logan Paul, this 21-year-old is also on the list of top social media influencers.

Jake Paul became popular for his role as Dirk on the Disney Channel series “Bizaardvark.” He is also well-known for his YouTube channel, which has over 17 million subscribers.

3. Dude Perfect

Dude Perfect - Youtube

Subscribers: 16.5 million+
Income: $18 Million

Dude Perfect “ping pong trick shots” and “real-life trick shots,” in which they turn everyday activities into complex maneuvers, are among their most popular videos.

4. DanTDM

DanTDM - Youtube

Subscribers: 16.5 million+
Income: $18 Million

The British gamer not only plays on-camera for his more than 20 million subscribers, but he also makes money on his tour and merchandise line, according to Forbes.

5. Jeffree Star

Jeffree Star - Youtube

Subscribers: 16.5 million+
Income: $18 Million

Jeffree Star,33-year-old has since has become a makeup mogul and launched Jeffree Star cosmetics, which sells $100 million worth of products annually, Forbes reports.

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Find A Niche For Your YouTube Channel

To find the perfect niche, you have to make a list of your hobbies, your passion or what you’re a master in.

Don’t pick a niche you have not any information or any basic knowledge.

Like if you love to cook, start a cooking channel. Love playing video games? Start a gaming channel.

Here I have some suggestions that might help you to start your youtube channel.

1. Gaming

In the present time, the Gaming Industry is booming and there are lots of games released every month.

This Niche has lots of potentials where you can entertain people during your gameplays.

Some Successful Gaming Channels,

2. Vlogging

Vlogging is becoming popular every day which contains lots of sub-categories like lifestyle vlogs, moto vlogs, fashion vlogs and much more.

If you want to show your daily routine, lifestyle then the vlogging channel is best for you.

Travel vlogs are also the best one if you love to travel around the world where you can cover your travel stories and famous places in the world.

Some best vlogging channels,

3. Review

In this niche, you can upload videos of different products review which makes lots of money.

In more, If you have a decent amount of subscriber then sponsorship is also a great way.

Review niche also has lots of sub-categories like Tech-Review which is trending right now.

Some famous review channels,

4. Information Channel

You can make how to channel or some guide channel on a particular thing.

Upload fresh and problem-solving content that has high potential.

Share Tips & Tricks, Motivational videos, these type of videos can go viral easily.

There are lots of other niches which you can try and keep that in mind,


How To Create A YouTube Channel

Go to Youtube and login to your account, after that click on settings.

Youtube Settings

After that click on Add or manage your channel and click on Create a new channel.

To create a new channel, write your brand name after that verify your phone number in order to create a channel.

Now upload your channel logo and artwork. here we go, You are now a few steps away to make money from youtube.

Now you can start uploading videos.

To upload videos click on upload video from the top bar. and click on the upload video.

Upload video

From where you can select your video file.

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Strategy to grow on youtube

70% of new YouTubers fail due to a lack of consistency and video-content. Most of them upload videos in low quality and poor sound and meanless videos.

In order to grow on a platform like youtube, You must have to serve your audience great content that might not available anywhere else your channel.

Always use high-quality mic because people don’t like that poor audio quality with lots of noise in it. Audio is the source that connects users to your video, your channel, to you.

I said quality then you don’t have to spend thousands of money.

You can jump off by your smartphone camera if it records good quality video and audio.

But your main focus should be “THE CONTENT”.

What basic equipment do you need to start a youtube channel?

If you have an iPhone the good to go, Video quality is the best one and audio quality of iPhone mic is also best to start.

I will recommend to Follow Hero, Hub, Help Content Strategy of blogging cage.

  1. Hero Content – This should be the best content you put out on your channel. Hero content should have a virality factor and should attract a broader audience.
  2. Hub Content – The content you publish to keep your audience engaged and keep coming back for more. Your subscribers need something consistent and that’s what Hub content is all about.
  3. Help Content – The type of content that can attract a new audience to your channel is Help content. This type of content can help you grow your audience.

Consistency is of video uploading also plays a major role to gain subscribers.

Don’t just upload lots of videos in a week. that might confuse your subscribers to which video they should watch.

Upload video every alternate day on juts X number of videos every week or every day.

Upload different types of videos create multiple playlists according to your selected niche.

Youtube SEO

You need to do some SEO work on your videos to get them on top of the search keyword to get more views on it.

Title of your video

Tile is the most important one, no one will click on your video id it is not relevant to their need.

Use the main keyword in your title, Don’t make it clickbait.

Clickbait title will get you more views but it may lose your subscribers.

By using your main keyword make it relevant to your video. and check your headline score with the headline analyzer tool.

Description of your video

Search suggestions are also depending on the video description.

Write a good description that covers all major parts of your video with relevant keywords in just 350-400 words.

Uses Tags as much you can

Tags will help your video to rank in any particular keyword which you used as a tag.

Only use tags which are relevant to your video like,

If you are uploading How To Start A Blog In 2020 To Make Money then don’t use the keywords of how to start a youtube channel. That is not relevant to your video.

Use Creative Thumbnail

People will look at your thumbnail first instead of your title.

Make your thumbnail more attractive, Use the catchy title in it with relevant graphic, Use your cutout images, don’t just use lots of text in it.

You can create a creative thumbnail for free with Canva.

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Monetization Youtube Channel to make money

Google Adsense

After reaching 1000 Subscribers and 4000 watch hours your channel will be eligible to run google ads on it.

In order to enable monetization on your youtube channel click on Youtube Studio then go to the Monetization section, From where you can enable your monetization if you complete 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours.

Monetization - Youtube

The revenue from Adsense ads depends on the engagement you have on your videos and the CPC of the ads. CPC = Cost per Click (i.e you will make money if people click on the ads).

Get Sponsorship

In this method, you will get paid from companies in return you have to promote their products/their brand.

In order to get sponsorship from companies, make your channel/brand looks good. Design a perfect logo. Spend a few bucks on branding.

Before you jump for a big brand, try to get sponsorship from small brands, collaborate with these companies and slowly build reputation then aim for larger companies.

Here are some sites which will help you to get sponsorship,

Affiliate Marketing

Best way to make money if you are planning to start a review channel.

Review your desired product and put affiliate link from amazon or any company and earn a commission when someone purchases from that link.

This was a full guide on How you can earn money on Youtube by just uploading good video content.

Now it’s Your Turn,
Make your own youtube channel, comment your channel link in the comment box and I will try to subscribe to everyone’s channel.

If you find something helpful then please let me know that too in the comment box so I can help you more if you have any problem with your youtube channel.

Share this article with your friends and family members who can follow these easy steps and make money without investing single amount by just sitting on the couch at their sweet home.

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