If you want to share your good thoughts with others in a proper way, then blogging is the No.1 option.

Mainly to share how you complete your daily tasks, to share how you live your life, then Lifestyle Blog best fits for you.

You are wondering that “I don’t know anything about blogging or lifestyle blogging and how to start a lifestyle blog?

Not a problem,

I will show you everything step-by-step from picking your niche (blog topic) to how you can earn 1000$ per month from your blog.

So stick to the end of this article.


First of all, let’s know about lifestyle blogging.

What is a lifestyle blog?

A lifestyle blog is a spot where you can share your life’s exciting events, your daily lifestyle, or your hobbies related things in your own words with a simple and attractive WordPress theme.

Why you must have to start a lifestyle blog in 2020?

The blogging industry is booming right now, and it has lots of opportunities to grow your circle.

KatieLifestyle Blogger
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There are so many great reasons to start a blog today! Let’s talk about the obvious one first – money. Yes, you can earn money blogging. I just had my first $100k year, and things are only getting better! The best part is that because I make a living from my blog, I am able to stay home with my babies and work from here!

Don’t let anyone try and tell you blogging is an easy, get rich quick thing. It takes a LOT of work, but I still believe it is one of the BEST businesses a stay-at-home-mom, student (or anyone!) can start because of the LOW startup cost and unlimited potential.
She is right. If you’re a housewife or student, then jump into the blogging industry, which will not only help you to earn money but helps you to grow your community.

So without wasting your time, let’s build your Lifestyle blog in 5 simple steps.

Step 1: Pick a niche or Blog Topic

For any Blog, Niche (Blog Topic) plays a significant role that helps to target a specific audience.


By choosing a niche, you will get an audience like you and helps you to build a community with the same mindset peoples.


A lifestyle blog is all about to share your life’s most exciting events with others.


Go with your biggest interest or a particular skill which you love to do in your daily life, which you do better than others, which you feel happy while doing it.


For example: 


  • If you’re famous for giving fashion tips in your group, then the fashion blog niche is best for you.
  • Same as If you’re interested in a sport like a football, then pick that as niche ad writing everything you know about it.

Step 2: Pick Domain & WebHosting

After choosing your blog niche, the Second Most crucial step is to select a relevant Domain Name and Super Fast web hosting for your blog.

Domain Name:


A Good Domain Name reflects your Brand and helps you to build Authority.


For example:

My Blog Domain is ‘www.webcanteen.com.’

  • Web Canteen is like Canteen of the internet, which offers General Tips & Tutorials to make website and SEO Guides for Every New Bloggers.

How to Pick a Perfect Domain Name?

  • Make it sort and easy to remember.
  • Don’t steal other’s domain names & Don’t use Brand Name in your domain name.
  • Include your niche in the domain name, if possible.



To store your blog (indirect: files), you need to purchase a superfast web hosting which loads your blog in a second.


A2Hosting Up to 20X Faster (51% off)


I’ve tested a couple of hosting providers, and I like A2Hosting as a SuperFast hosting Provider, which loads your site faster than other cheap hostings.


A2Hosting is Fast Web Hosting (UP TO 20X FASTER WEB HOSTING) and also budget-friendly.


Some Great Features of A2Hosting:

  • Unlimited SSD Space & Transfer
  • Free & Easy Site Migration
  • Free Automatic Backups
  • Anytime Money Back Guarantee
  • Speed Optimized WordPress
  • 99.9% Uptime Commitment
  • 24/7/365 Guru Crew Support
  • Free SSL Certificate


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With 51 % discount, a WEB HOSTING in just $3.92/month instead of $7.99/month.

Web Hosting Pricing

Click on Get Lite to select your Domain Name.

Choosing Domain Name - A2 Hosting
  1. Type your Domain Name.
  2. Select ‘.com’ (highly recommended)
  3. You can see Selected Domain Availability.
  4. Click on Continue to purchase selected domain.
Select 36 Months or 12 Months of the period (36 Months highly recommended). Here you can see the discount is applied automatically. Also, you can Server Location and many other features as per your budget. After that, click on Continue and complete your payment. Congrats!! You have bought your hosting.

Step 3: Install WordPress, Theme and Additional Plugins

WordPress Installation:

Go to your A2Hosting Account, and you will find c-panel login option. Click on that.
Install WordPress

You will find WordPress A2 Optimized from Script Section to Install WordPress for your blog.

Automatic WordPress Installation

GeneratePress – Perfect LightWeight Theme:

There are lots of free themes available on the WordPress theme market.


If you are very curious and want to give your audience a good reading experience, You need to invest some money in for your website theme.

Free themes have lots of bugs and virus which can affect google ranking (SEO) and user experience.

GeneratePress is best and easy to use, which I personally using on my site.

GeneratePress is a very light theme and suggested by top bloggers which have only 50KB size and loads very fast.

WordPress Plugins:

Elementor Page Builder – The World’s Leading WordPress Page Builder:

Elementor Banner

Elementor offers drag and drop features to create an excellent blog page or post.

Some Great Features of Elementor,

Elementor Features


WordPress Plugin

The World’s Leading WordPress Page Builder


Grammarly Extension:

Step 4: Write & Publish your First Blog Post

Write posts according to your Blog Niche, Select the best subtopic and just describe it what you know.


Also includes some information which the audience should need to know.


Make your first blog post at least 1000 Words+ using your focus keyword and long-tail-keywords.


Include COPYRIGHT FREE Images and embed related youtube videos.


Make an excellent title by including numbers in it.


Make relevant categories, add tags, and publish your blog on the internet.


I recommend to check out the below posts.

If you want to hire someone else (Freelancers) to write your blog post,

I Recommend choosing the AffloSpark Blog Writing service.

AffloSpark offers $0.035/WORDS. Isn’t it a crazy deal?


All the articles are written by professional writers. So there is no chance of any plagiarism.


How AffloSpark professional writers write your article?

With AffloSpark, you can Rank on #1 on google with thier SEO techniques and uniqueness of the article.

Step 5: Earn 1.5x More ad revenue (Media.net)

After creating a beautiful lifestyle blog and writing your 10-12 posts, you will able to get a decent amount of visitors.


Here comes monetization step to earn money from your blog.


At this stage, Showing ads from publishers (like Adsense) will give you a little amount of money.



Showing Contextual ads of media.net, you will earn 1.5x more revenue than others. (CLICK HERE TO ACTIVATE DEAL)

By submitting your lifestyle blog URL (domain) and Email, media.net publisher team mail you if you are eligible for this program.


Pro Tip #1: Boost Blog Income

Another option to earn lots of money from blog is Affiliate Marketing and Sponsorships.

Affiliate Marketing:

Here you have to promote other’s products and services when a user purchases that product by using your link; you will get some commission on that sale.

For Example, Amazon Affiliate Marketing


Here any organization or company directly approaches you to promote their product on your blog, which will help you to earn lots of money.


Pro Tip #2: Get More Visitors

To boost your lifestyle blog traffic, I suggest making a Facebook Page and Group, where you can give updates about new posts of your blog.

This Facebook group will not only increase visitors, but also you can ask for any kind of, or you can help new bloggers to make their blog successful like your one.

Also, I recommend mentioning top influencers in your niche while tweeting new post update on twitter.

And once that influencer will find something helpful from your blog post or blog, they will retweet it and boom!

More Audience will know your work, and they will stick to your blog.

Now it's your turn

Make your own Lifestyle blog, and don’t’ forget to comment down that blog URL so I can check it out.